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By Laws

Adopted 6/20/23

1.       Howell United Soccer Club is organized for the purpose of running the day to day operation of teams participating in Traveling Soccer Leagues i.e. M.O.S.A

2.       The Howell United Soccer Club: hereinafter referred to as the “club” shall be organized into a membership consisting of coaches of teams in the club, players registered to teams in the club, their parents, and affiliated referees.  A Board of Directors shall administer the membership.

3.       The Board of Directors; hereinafter referred to as the “board”shall consist of the following members:

i.           President - The President administers all club functions except as to specific duties assigned to other officers.  The President shall have the power to form committees and appoint committee chairpersons to conduct special projects.

ii.           Traveling League Representative / 1st Vice President- (a.k.a. travel/traveling coordinator) The TravelRep assists the President in the execution of his/her duties.  The TravelRep is to represent the club in all traveling league business.  This is to include but is not limited too:  MOSA meetings, NJYSA carding, US Club carding..

iii.           Recreation Director / 2nd Vice President – Reserved for Future - The Recreation Director will handle all registrations and deal with all matters for the recreational soccer program.

iv.           Treasurer - The Treasurer manages all financial matters for the club.  He/she keeps the financial records for the club. This is to include but is not limited too: Manage Budget, Monitor Registrations, Training Partner Payments, Fundraising and Bank Account Support for Individual Teams.

v.           Secretary - The Secretary records the minutes at all meetings.  He/she prepares and distributes the agenda for meetings (can be electronic).  The Secretary maintains and monitors attendance records and fingerprint expirations. They shall also handle all email communications.  This is to include but not limited to: weekly free training schedules, board meetings, tryout communications, tournament dates & advertising and advertising/sponsorship.

vi.           Fundraising Director - The Fundraising Director will be responsible for all aspects of fundraising efforts including sponsorships, donations, and running tournaments.

vii.           Purchasing Coordinator - The Purchasing coordinator is responsible for obtaining all quote from outside vendors including but not limited to uniforms, bathrooms, equipment, field lining, and field maintenance.  This is to include but is not limited to:  ordering paint/nets/liners, manage field lining schedule, ensure fields are safe and coordinate tower lights.

viii.           Field Scheduler - The Field Scheduler is responsible for scheduling all games regardless of league, working with the ref assignor, assigning fields for tryouts and training and “negotiating” pre/post play availability.

ix.           If for any reason something happens to one of the Board members, the Board will decide who will fill in those responsibilities from within the Board.  If it becomes necessary to open up for new volunteers, a vote will be held.

4.       Election of Officers

i.           The members of the Board shall serve a term of two (2) years beginning July 1st following their election.

ii.           Outgoing board members (At Large) shall assist the incoming board members during a transition period of 1 year. All materials held by outgoing board members (records, books, equipment, signature cards, emails/passwords, banking responsibilities etc.) shall be transferred to the new board members during this period.

5.       Date of Election - The Board elections shall be held once a year at the June meeting.

i.           During the odd numbered years the Travel Rep, Recreational Director , Field Coordinator and Treasurer shall be elected.

ii.           During the even numbered years the President, Secretary, Purchasing Coordinator, and Fundraising Director.

iii.           At Large members may be elected to assist for 1 year.

6.       Election and Election Voting Rights

i.           Each volunteer coach, assistant coach, manager and Board of Directors who is registered on the respective League roster shall have one (1) vote with a maximum of two (2) votes per team.  Persons who perform two or more functions for the club (i.e. Board Member and coach) shall have only one vote. 

ii.           Election shall be by nomination, with a second required from the voting body.  Once nominated and seconded, the nominees shall be permitted to speak if they so desire.  The period allowed for speeches shall be limited to five (5) minutes.  The voting body will then vote by secret ballot.  Ballots shall be counted by a  committee comprised of members chosen by the highest-ranking board member (as listed in order of section 3 above) not running for office.  Election will be by simple majority votes cast.

iii.           Ties:  Contested ties shall require a new vote.  Should a tie still exist, the matter shall be tabled, and the winner shall be selected by the current Board in a closed board meeting.  All nominees shall be notified as to the reasoning behind the board decision.

iv.           Each nominee must be a current or former Howell United member in good standing.. A member is defined as having at least one player registered with Howell United Soccer Club.

v.           Vacant positions shall be filled by a special election at the next scheduled meeting. New board member elected to fill unexpired terms of office shall serve only the unexpired term.

vi.           Should there only be one candidate for a position, the Board at its sole discretion can appoint a board member based on a majority vote of the current Board Members.

7.       Compensation of Board Members

i.           Each board member is a volunteer position. In order to encourage people to volunteer for these positions, all board members shall receive free registration for their children. This does not include any fees for training, referees, tournaments, uniforms, etc.   

8.       Meetings

i.           Meeting will be held periodically but not less than 6 times a year.

ii.           One (1) voting representative from each traveling team must be present.  For elections, which must be voted on by the members, each team will have one (1) vote with the Board President voting only in case of a tie.

iii.           Each team is expected to make all meetings, in an event where a representative is NOT sent on behalf of the team penalties will go as follows:

                 i.           1 missed meeting per season will be granted to each team (or 2 per year August through June)

                ii.           On the 3rd missed meeting within that timeframe there will be a $100 fine

               iii.           Each additional missed will incur a $100 fine

               iv.           Payments of fines are due prior to the next meeting.  Failure to pay the fine, will result in a loss of coaching privileges.

9.       Teams

i.           Teams shall be comprised of player who participated in open tryouts.  The board will establish the dates for open tryouts. Coaches will notify all players who tryout of their status within two (2) weeks of the tryout date.  Volunteer coach controlled teams will be used for teams in birth years 2012 and older. A club controlled team as outlined in the yearly registration policy will be used for birth years 2013 and younger. Any player who was with the club in or prior to 2020-2021 season or a player born in 2012 or older is free to move within the club as they so desire.  All new players born 2013 and younger will be placed in accordance with the club controlled team registration policy.  POACHING of players within the club could be cause for automatic dismissal of the coach.

ii.           Individual Tryouts may be held at the coach’s discretion for teams in birth year 2012 and older. A club run tryout will be used for rising U11 teams and younger.

iii.           A coach may seek independent judgement in the selection of players; however, the final decision is that of the coach for birth year 2012 and older. All roster decisions will be made by the club based on the paid trainer recommendation for rising U11 teams and younger.

iv.           Players may be added during the season.

v.           Players need not be residents of HOWELL TOWNSHIP.

vi.           The TravelRep must be notified of all roster changes.

vii.           Teams forfeiting any games will be subject to disciplinary actions by the Board and responsible for any and all fines incurred by their chosen league of play

viii.           Playing Time:  although there shall not be any mandatory allotted playing time for individual players, coaches are expected to exercise good judgement and apply the basic principles of fairness to every player in regard to playing time.

ix.           U11 and Younger Teams:

                  i.              Each team shall be required to use our training partner as head coach for all practices, games, and sanctioned events.

                 ii.             Should a two or more teams exist at an age group, the team placed in the highest division of the highest league (which determination will be made by the Board from year to year based on the soccer environment at the time) shall be required to use our training partner as head coach for all practices, games, and sanctioned events. All other teams at that age group must use our training partner for at least one practice a week, but may elect to use them for more practices, games, and sanctioned events if the majority of the team members elect to do so.

               iii.             The board has the right on a case by case basis to waive this requirement should the training partner fail to provide an adequate trainer for a team. The decision of the board shall be final.

x.           New Teams

               i.           Our training partner shall evaluate players for all new teamss

10.    Coaching Staff and Team manager

i.           Anyone who wishes to a volunteer coach or be a team manager for Howell United Soccer Club must submit in writing, his/her intentions to that effect. 

ii.           All volunteer coaches are expected  to have a commitment to their teams. This commitment includes completing all required administration, attend practice, games, meetings, and other required tasks of the Board.  All members of the coaching staff shall abide completely with all policies, rules, and/or regulations of any league, association, or tournament in which they participate in the name of Howell United.

iii.           All new volunteer coaches will be on two-season probation monitored by the Board.  Failure to meet required duties will result in a disciplinary hearing by the board. Coaches are responsible for the discipline of all team members (including parents). Any persistent problem in this area shall be brought to the attention of the Board.  Coaches shall maintain accurate records of all practices, games & team moneys.

iv.           For parent coached teams, coaching staffs shall consist of one volunteer head coach and at least one volunteer assistant coach.  All coaches must apply and qualify for a New Jersey Youth Soccer coaching pass each seasonal year as defined by New Jersey Youth Soccer.  Volunteer coaches and volunteer assistants shall not be allowed to make contact with M.O.S.A.  All issues must first be presented to TravelRep for Board review.  Howell United has a representative to the state and the League soccer bodies.  Any violation of this is subject to disciplinary action by the board.
1st offense is a five (5) game suspension, including all practices and/or any contact with the team for that time period.
2nd offense shall be permanent removal from Howell United as a coach and /or referee

v.           It is the duty of all volunteer head coaches to encourage parents of team members to volunteer their time to assist with club function.

vi.           Volunteer Head Coach: - the carded head coach is responsible to make sure all players, assistant coaches and trainers have a current New Jersey Youth Soccer pass. They are responsible to coordinate all practices, games, and other team events. They shall assume  the role and responsibility of the team manager should there be no team manager.

vii.           Volunteer Assistant Coach - the carded assistant coach will temporarily assume the total responsibilities of the head coach in the absence of the head coach.

viii.           Team Managers - for Paid Trainer Coach teams and Volunteer Head Coached teams shall be a team manager with the following responsibilities

                         i.           Collect and distribute tournament and additional training fees

                         ii.           Collect and distribute referee fees

                         iii.           Be the liason for all matters with the Travel Rep for player cards and state rosters

ix.           Warnings and Ejections

                         i.           The TravelRep must be notified within 24 hours when a coach or player receives a red card (ejection) for any reason.  The  TravelRep will notify the club President.

                         ii.           Disciplinary action may be taken by the cub in addition to any governing body sanctions.

                         iii.           Any coach or assistant coach RED CARDED will be required to appear before their chosen league of play’s board at their behest.  If said coach does not appear, he/she is subject to additional disciplinary actions from their chosen league of play

11.    Uniforms

i.           The Board shall choose the style of new uniforms.Teams will be responsible for purchasing new uniforms and must purchase the approved home and away uniforms

ii.           Alternate jerseys etc. must be approved by the Board.

iii.           Home uniforms will be worn at home unless away uniforms must be worn due to a uniform color conflict.

iv.           All uniforms must have the Howell United Logo or the words Howell United displayed.

12.    Financial Policy

i.           The Board will set registration fees.

ii.           There will be a tiered registration process with incentives to register early.

iii.           Secondary passes will pay a nominal fee to belong in the club (must pay for the card)

iv.           A working budget will be presented to the Board by the end of May, all budget items must have a line allotted and last years cost as well as any projected increase.

v.           The financial records of the club will be audited with the biannual election of the treasurer.

vi.           Travel coaches and managers (teams) cannot encumber expenses that would be owed by the club without board approval.

vii.           Fundraising

                      i.           Any teams wishing to do a raffle where cash is distrubted, needs to obtain a raffle license or partner with an organization that has a raffle license already.

                      ii.           All checks collected via club or team related fundraising must be turned over to club treasurer immediately.  Who will in turn disperse said funds back to the team

viii.           Income - All registration fees collected are credited to the General Fund.

ix.           Expenses - The club will not be responsible for any expense incurred by any team.

x.           The club will pay for each team’s M.O.S.A. registration or the equivalent amount to a league of their choosing.

xi.           All club purchases must be pre-approved by the Board in the following manner.

                         i.           Obtain an estimate from the supplier.

xii.           The treasurer must receive a copy of receipts for all cash expenses. Any expense over $250 must be put to a board vote prior to purchase.

xiii.           Should Howell United fold for any reason, ALL remaining assets will be divided 50/50 between Howell PAL (222234983) and Fighting Hard (474652204).

13.    Tournaments

i.           Coaches must notify the Tournament Director of their intention before making applications for tournaments

ii.           All Howell teams are expected to participate in our club tournaments.  Special circumstances will be discussed with the board.

14.    Rule Changes & Amendments

i.           The Board, shall have the power to make all decisions concerning the club, with adherence to the current bylaws.

ii.           Emergency decisions; those with no present guidelines in the by-laws, may be made by the board.  The emergency decision must be presented and fully explained at the next full coaches’ meeting.

iii.           If a permanent change to the by-laws is required, before the Board can vote on it, it must be presented in writing at the next full coaches’ meeting for discussion.  Recommendations of  the coaches should be taken into consideration before any change is made to the by-laws.

iv.           The by-law change will be incorporated if approved by a majority vote of the board members.

v.           All changes and amendments to these rules, will be done at a meeting of the Board.  Changes will be made by a majority vote of the Board.  Any member of the club wishing to change or amend the rules must address the change in writing to the Board at a coaches’ meeting. The Board will review the request and a vote will be taken on the request.  The request will be honored; or not, based on a majority vote of the Board.

vi.           All Board decisions are final.



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